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Hanging fish of papier mâché

Hanging fish Hanging fish

Additional Information

  • Size:

    Ø 3.9"

  • Price:

    € 35 each

  • Material:

    papier mâché

For the expo Child & Art (which also included workshops) I have made animals of papier mâché, and not of clay. Hanging birds and several different fishes.

The nice thing about papier mâché is that it's light, you don't have to fire it and frills and glitter and other materials can easily be added.

There are several fishes: veiltail, jellyfish and pufferfish.


From the series Child & Art.


  • jellyfish01jellyfish01
  • jellyfish02jellyfish02
  • jellyfish03jellyfish03
  • jellyfish04jellyfish04
  • jellyfish05jellyfish05
  • jellyfish06jellyfish06
  • puffervis02puffervis02
  • puffervis03puffervis03
  • puffervis04puffervis04
  • puffervis06puffervis06
  • sluierstaart01sluierstaart01
  • sluierstaart02sluierstaart02
  • sluierstaart03sluierstaart03
  • sluierstaart04sluierstaart04
  • sluierstaart05sluierstaart05
  • sluierstaart06sluierstaart06
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