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At the boundary of air and water

Salamander Salamander

Additional Information

  • Size:

    Ø 11.8" x h 11.8"
    with animals approx. 19.7"

  • Price:

    € 450 per bucket
    € 150 plump leaf with frog

  • Offer:

    €1750 together

  • Material:

    zinc buckets
    wood, stoneware clay

Contribution to the Art Water Way 'At the boundary of air and water'.
Four zinc buckets containing morays, salamanders and an octopus that seeks to escape.

  • Lily pad with frogLily pad with frog

Two buckets stand on the side, the one with the moray eel (on a scaffolding pole mounted) in the water. In the water also floats a (wooden) lily pad with a ceramic frog. There is a chain at the bottom of the pad, which is attached to a concrete block. So, the pad is held in its place in the water.



  • FrogsFrogs
  • Moray eelMoray eel
  • OctopusOctopus
  • Moray eelMoray eel
  • OctopusOctopus
  • SalamanderSalamander
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