About me

  • adriana2

In the seventies and eighties I was studying in Utrecht: Dutch language at the university (doctoral), drama and plastic arts at the academies for art and theatre. All my life I have been going on learning, Rietveld academie Amsterdam, study tours and workshops ICT, 3D-printing and writing- and interviewing-technics for instance. From 1975 I combined a job (in the educational field) with my own design work. Now recently retired I have all the time for making sculptures.

Life, the world around me, is my source of inspiration. Recurring topics are (fat) women, cabinets/cases, animals and stories/poems.

I have a special attraction to texts and often create 'cabinets', a kind of mini theatres/watching boxes. That’s not surprising considering that I finished a drama training and a study Dutch aside from the art school.

I'm not a chopper, but a modeler. That’s an other way of thinking/looking/working: I work from inside out, not the other way around. I am a ceramist (member of the NVK, the Dutch ceramist association), I work with clay, and sometimes with modeling wax, supplemented by wood, glass, iron, perspex etc.

I want to create something unique which is also universal. The aim is to make people wonder

As teacher/conductor, as inspector of education but also as artist you try to figure out people. I'm a 'professional viewer'. In both cases, as an inspector and as an artist, the trick is to oversee matters in a short period of time, to 'read' things.
Now I am looking forward to surprise the people around me again with new views/images.


on the rhythm of-
going with
the clouds
growing like
a tree leaf
floating between
heaven and earth
merging like
Tarn and Dourdou
devoting one's energy to
earth, water
air and fire

the vulnerability of stone
the hardness of wood
the unruliness of clay
elusiveness of colour
green yellow
iron water rust
stone wind sand
time and again.